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Great Central Railwayana Live Auction at Stoneleigh Park:
Saturday, 2 September 2017

The GCR Sale 234 On-Line Railwayana Auction Catalogue
has been updated with the Sale Results.

500 Lots of Railwayana, including:

George Cross, Wallace Oakes

George Cross and Carnegie Medals plus Citation Awarded to Driver Wallace Oakes
- sold for £60,000

Locomotive Nameplate: Sir HARRY le FISELAKE Locomotive Nameplate: LYDFORD CASTLE Locomotive Nameplate: CHARLES DICKENS
Locomotive Nameplate: HAPPY KNIGHT Locomotive Nameplate: DOWNTON HALL Locomotive Nameplate: GALTEE MORE
Locomotive Nameplate: RESTORMEL Locomotive Nameplate: OVERTON GRANGE Locomotive Nameplate: GALOPIN
Locomotive Headboard: THE ABERDONIAN Locomotive Nameplate: MOUNT KILIMANJARO Locomotive Headboard: CAMBRIAN COAST EXPRESS
Locomotive Smokebox Number: 61040 Locomotive Smokebox Number: 1022 Locomotive Smokebox Number: 60503
Locomotive Cabside Number: 1141 Locomotive Cabside Number: 6840 Locomotive Cabside Number: 7902
Locomotive Cabside Number: 4179 Locomotive Cabside Number: 207 Locomotive Cabside Number: 5031
Single Line Tablet: Seaton Jnc-Seaton Single Line Tablet: Barnstaple-Pilton Bridge Single Line Tablet: Luffenham Jct-Seaton Jct
Worksplate (Diesel): British Thompson Houston, 1120, 1959 Worksplate (Diesel): English Electric, 3142, D692, 1961 (40196) Worksplate (Diesel): Brush Sulzer, 509, 1964 (47 145)
Worksplate (Diesel): BR Darlington, 1963 (25 233)  Worksplate (Diesel): BREL, Doncaster, 1982 (56 108) Worksplate (Diesel): English Electric, 2782/D497.1960 (40 060)
Worksplate (Steam): LNER Doncaster 1616, 1925 (60061) Worksplate (Steam): Manning Wardle, 1544, 1902 Worksplate (Steam): Saint-Leonard, Liege, 1879, 1916
Worksplate (Steam): Nasmyth Wilson 1437, 1924 Worksplate (Steam): Sentinel Rail Coach, 7810, LNER  
Totem Station Sign: BRAMBER Totem Station Sign: FORT WILLIAM
Totem Station Sign: MENAI BRIDGE Totem Station Sign: SILVERTOWN Totem Station Sign: CANLEY HALT
Totem Station Sign: BERWICK Totem Station Sign: BURNHAM (BUCKS) Totem Station Sign: DOLGELLEY
Totem Station Sign: AMPTHILL Totem Station Sign: HATHERN Totem Station Sign: DUDLEY


September 2017 Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auction

Bidding closed on Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The illustrated on-line September Railwayana Postal Auction Catalogue on the Sheffield Railwayana Auctions website has been updated with the Sale Results. A list of the Postal Auction Sale Results is also available to download in PDF format.

The Lots in this Postal Auction were on display alongside our live Auction at Stoneleigh on Saturday, 2 September, including the Alpha Lots, which were auctioned on the day at Stoneleigh.


Great Central Railwayana Bloxham Auction,
Saturday, 5 August 2017

Catalogue with Sale Results Added, 1004 Lots Sold

The on-line version of the GCR August 2017 Boxham Catalogue was updated
with the Sale Results shortly after the auction finished.


June/July 2017 Postal Auction of Railway, Bus and Tram Tickets

Rail Ticket, Lot 9 in GCR Sale 231Rail Ticket, Lot 19 in GCR Sale 231Rail Ticket, Lot 74 in GCR Sale 231Rail Ticket, Lot 157 in GCR Sale 231

Bidding closed on Tuesday, 18 July 2017

The On-Line Catalogue for the June/July Ticket Postal Auction was updated with the Sale Results. A complete listing of these can also be downloaded as a PDF file for printing:
Ticket Auction, Sale 231, Results.


Railwayana.Net logos

May 2017 Internet Auction: Railwayana.Net

Totems in the Railwayana.Net Auction

The Railwayana.Net Internet Auction ran from 14th - 21st May 2017. Please visit the Railwayana.Net website where the Sale Lots have been updated with Sale Results.


To register for complimentary catalogues for our future auctions please or phone on 01327 263633

If you have any hardware items such as nameplates, cabsides, smokeboxes, shedplates, totems, targets, signalling items, clocks, railway lamps or paperwork items such as tickets, posters, carriage prints, pre-grouping timetables, notices etc. that you wish to sell, please contact us on 01327 263633.

Great Central Railwayana Limited holds live Great Central Railwayana Auctions at
The Royal Show Ground, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire CV8 2LZ,
Sheffield Railwayana Postal Auctions that close on the Friday following a Stoneleigh auction,
bi-monthly Railway Ticket Postal Auctions,
occasional live Railway Ticket Auctions at the Charing Cross Hotel, Strand, London and
two further live Sales of General Railwayana at Bloxham (near Banbury, Oxfordshire) each year.

We are the leading specialist auctioneers for all items of Railwayana, from a Luggage Label to a Locomotive Nameplate.

Contact Information:

Great Central Railwayana Ltd
14 School Street, Woodford Halse, Daventry, NN11 3RL

Office Hours: 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., Monday to Friday
Telephone: 01327 262193 / 01327 263633