Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Catalogue Sub-Index: Great Central Railwayana, 1 June 2019


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Lot 284 Caledonian Railway Semaphore Block
Lot 96 GNR Block, Firsby Stn
Lot 22 GNR Block, Welland Bridge
Lot 86 GWR Intermediate Token Inst
Lot 443 LBSCR Semaphore Repeater
Lot 10 LMS Scottish Tyers Block
Lot 412 LNWR Indicator Up/Down Blocked/Clear
Lot 50 Large Warning/Block Bell
Lot 486 Reedham Station Back Lock Plunger
Lot 157 SR Block, Sidmouth Junction
Lot 72 SR Plunger, C Palace East
Lot 384 Saxby & Farmer L,C & Calcutta
Lot 291 Slot Indicator, MR, Oakham Jc
Lot 127 Track Circuit Indicator
Lot 16 Tyers Repeater/Light Indicator
Lot 365 Tyers Semaphore Repeater
Lot 337 Tyers Train Describer
Lot 352 Tyers Train Describer, Chester

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