Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Catalogue Sub-Index: Great Central Railwayana, 7 September 2019


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Lot 357 GCR, Rugby
Lot 252 GER Postland
Lot 87 GER, Yarmouth South Town
Lot 342 GNR, Paxton
Lot 139 GWR, Swindon
Lot 235 LBSCR, Groombridge Per Way
Lot 339 LMS (HR) Muir of Ord
Lot 262 LNER (NB) London Road Jct
Lot 55 LNER, Hawthorne Bank
Lot 158 LNER, Leicester, Eng Dept
Lot 179 LNER, Shaftholme Jct
Lot 394 LNWR, Copley Hill
Lot 113 LNWR, Thrapstone, P. Way
Lot 481 LNWR, Watford Jct Coaching
Lot 34 LSWR, Newton Tony
Lot 491 LYR, Sandhills
Lot 281 NBR, Luthrie
Lot 167 NBR, Tynehead

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