Great Central Railwayana Auctions

Catalogue Sub-Index: Great Central Railwayana, 7 December 2019


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Lot 393 CLC Wavertree
Lot 18 GCR Sliding Knob
Lot 246 GNSR
Lot 33 GWR Copper Top
Lot 140 LBSCR, Horsham/Ford
Lot 277 LMS, Kingussie
Lot 424 LNER Abbotts Ripton
Lot 109 LNER Stratford
Lot 344 LNER(GE) Hertford East
Lot 468 LNER(GE), Stratford
Lot 445 LNER, Algerkirk
Lot 127 LNER, Dovecliffe
Lot 179 LNER, Spalding
Lot 454 LNWR Lancaster
Lot 79 LNWR, Walsall
Lot 495 LYR, Salwick
Lot 6 N & SJC, Corton/Surfleet
Lot 488 NBR, Leuchars Jct
Lot 226 NSR, Aston by Stone
Lot 49 Taff Vale Railway

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